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Dubai, 12th July 2006 - One year as a result of its successful inauguration in May 2005, the second Dubai International Vending Machines Exhibition is again set to happen this year from 14-17 November in Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates and truly the Center Easts most lively and rapidly expanding business hub. Organised and maintained by its founders, the Dubai-based prestigious event management company Over Time Events LLC, this event is anticipated to attract more than 6,000 readers during the length of this 4-day event, presenting an extensive collection of the latest in vending machines and its related products by more than 170 showing importers, suppliers and merchants from around the world.

As an event unique of its kind in the Gulf area and the UAE specifically, this 2nd version of the Dubai International Vending Machines Exhibition provides the specific requirements of the rapidly developing retail business for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), as well as to the general public and governmental institutions, among who also is the Dubai Municipality. Http://Www.Khq.Com/Global/Story.Asp?S=39266742 contains further about how to consider this activity. The convention will be complemented by a range of high profile industry leaders who'll be sharing their thoughts on the industry with the market by providing some in-depth background information on the businesses and competitive environment which they are affiliated with. For a second standpoint, please check-out: The 2nd Dubai International Vending Machines Exhibition is the best system for decision-makers and other business professionals, such as business instructors, franchisers, financial institutions, groups and private sector representatives to meet, exchange ideas and create relationships of sustainable common advantage. Browse here at to check up why to see about this view.

On the same occasion, the Dubai International Vending Machines Exhibition will be associated with the Dubai International Sodas Exhibition, which also is to just take place throughout the period 14-17 November 2006 Dubai Creek Park having such sophisticated and mutually enhancing events in place ensures a high level of value-added to each of these events.

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