Why Are There Generic Drugs

    Shanie Binn
    By Shanie Binn

    Why are there generic drugs, certainly all drugs are

    patented by those who create them?

    Patents for drugs generally last for 20 years nevertheless

    they are taken out early in the development method

    and with lengthy animal then human clinical trials it

    can take a decade or much more from finding the patent to

    going into production.

    Other organizations might challenge patents or get around

    them by producing drugs which are do the very same job but

    different enough not to be impacted by existing


    Firms may also generate generic versions of a

    patented drug in nations not covered by the patent.

    Companies can apply for a 5-year extension to their

    patent to make up for the time they had been going by way of

    the approval procedure.

    They can not nevertheless patent the active ingredient for

    more than the length of the patent or renew patents

    that have expired, even though they can patent the inactive

    components and precise types of compounds utilized.

    Companies shield their product by patenting aspects

    of their drug such as the size shape and colour of the

    pill as properly as the brand name, these patents do not

    run out.

    There is also what is recognized as a study exemption to

    these patents, other businesses can analysis and

    develop their own generic versions of the drug while

    the patent protection is nonetheless in location and so can

    move quick to get their product onto the market when

    the patent expires.

    The 1st company to file an accepted abbreviated new

    drug application (for a generic) can also obtain a 180

    day exclusivity to make a sell their generic

    version, this can be applied for by the original

    innovator organization as a way of prolonging their

    exclusivity, although not employing the original drug as

    there have to be some differences to make it a

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