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    Tommy Yanis
    By Tommy Yanis

    The World Baseball Classic (WBC) is an international baseball tournament whose purpose is to spread the popularity of the game of baseball all-over the world. Certified by the International Baseball Federation, the WBC is participated in by various national teams from all around the world. The first tournament happened from March 3-20, 2006 in various stadiums in Tokyo (Japan), San Juan (Puerto Rico), Orlando (Florida, USA), Phoenix (Arizona, USA), Anaheim (California, USA), and San Diego (California, USA).

    With this version of the World Baseball Classic, 1-6 countries adjudged as the best baseball-playing countries in-the world were invited to deliver their national teams. This unusual dofexpress information website has varied elegant aids for how to deal with it. These sixteen teams were divided in to four pools, namely:

    Share A Japan, China, Korea, and Chinese Taipei

    Pool B Canada, Mexico, South Africa, and the United States Of America of America

    Share C Cuba, Holland, Panama, Puerto Rico

    Pool D Sydney, Dominican Republic, France, Venezuela

    Where-in each team performed once against the other three teams in the pool, the match was a performed in a round-robin style of competition. To get extra information, we recommend people check-out: The top two pool leaders of-a and B were put together in the second round into one new pool (Pool 1), and the top two pool leaders of Pool C and D were put together in a new pool (Pool 2) also for the second round. Again each group in the new pools played against the other three after, with the top-two from each pool assembled in one elimination pool for that semifinals. The runner-ups and champions of each pool face each other for a single game, with the champions facing each other for the finals to find out the champion.

    In-pool A, Korea emerged the winner (3-0) while Japan came in second, while Mexico and U.S.A., each using a 2-1 win-loss standing, emerged while the winners of Pool B. For supplementary information, please check out: These four champions established Pool 1 for the next round.

    On-the other hand, Cuba (2-1) and Puerto Rico (3-0) light emitting diode Pool C, while, in Pool N, the Dominican Republic (3-0) and Venezuela (2-1) clearly dominated. These four formed Pool 2-for the 2nd round.

    The second round again found Korea (3-0) rule Pool 1 to move in to the single-elimination pool, with Japan, who tied with the United States Of America and Mexico with similar 1-2 win-loss documents, but became the second group from Pool 1 for the single elimination pool because of better position within the tie-breaker analysis. In-pool 2, the Dominican Republic and Cuba light emitting diode the pack with identical 2-1 win-loss records. The Dominican Republic appeared as the champion in this pool due to a better standing in the tiebreaker assessment.

    The single-elimination round for that semi-finals was one seen as a problems where-in Cuba and runners-up Japan beating Korea and the Dominican Republic respectively. In the last game, Japan defeated Cuba to become the first champion of the World Baseball Classic.

    Another WBC tournament will be held last year, after which the tournament will be held every four years. This fine portfolio has uncountable poetic aids for where to provide for it. Packages of the First World Baseball Classic Live Feed could be saved from the official World Baseball Classic Website..