What are the Pros and Cons of a Manual Wheel Chair?

Are you trying to choose between a power one and a manual wheel chair? Before I describe the pros and cons of having a manual wheel chair in the place of a power wheel chair, below are a few important considerations to take in-to effect.

A manual wheel seat requires you to use your own personal muscles to move yourself forward. Therefore if you have good to good torso strength, these could be perfect for you. You can get manual wheel chairs which are lightweight. You can even get activities chairs and outdoor chairs also.

Here are the pros and cons of owning a guide wheel chair:


1. Less expensive. Quality Backlinks includes extra resources about the purpose of it.

2. Learn more on this related paper by visiting quality link building. Great for temporary/short term use.

3. May maintain energy and upper body strength, since it is a self-propelled wheel chair requiring upper body ability. Click this web site high pr backlinks to explore the meaning behind it.

4. Most typical models are light and simple enough to transport.

5. May require less maintenance.


1. Should people need to dig up further on high quality backlinks, there are many on-line databases people should pursue. Then this could maybe not be the wheel chair for you, if you lack upper-body power or ability, and the ability to self-propel yourself throughout the day, on a daily basis personally.

2. Harder to get about than in a electric wheel chair. You lose the luxury of automatic mobility the electric wheel chair offers.

3. Depending upon your condition, you might need a assistant if you possess a manual wheel chair to push you around.

When talking to a sales person at a wheel chair store, its crucial that you let them know your physical condition. Everything you will and won't manage to.

Allow him or her know if you've a nurse or someone available who will force you and if momentary, for how long you be prepared to be in the wheel chair. he or she could better help you choose the model and brand perfect for you, (If its never to long, you may want to consider obtaining a applied wheel chair or even wheel chair rental.) With that information..