The Great Salt Lake Bird Watching Festival in Utah

Coming up on its eighth year, the Wonderful Salt Lake Bird Watching Festival is excellent get away for birders. Of course, a chance to visit Salt Lake City isnt so negative either.

Great Salt Lake Bird Watching Festival

The Excellent Salt Lake Bird Watching Festival is both a mouthful and a wonderful event. Close to Salt Lake City, but in fact centered in Farmington, Utah, the festival is put on by the Davis County Tourism agency and usually runs for five days in the last two weeks of Might each and every year.

As with numerous birding festivals, the Fantastic Salt Lake Bird Watching Festival offers workshops for youngsters and adults. To study additional information, please consider looking at: official link. Workshops incorporate everything from building bird houses, birding for children, and lectures on a assortment of bird species with physical birds present.

Of program, field trips are the important to any bird watching festival and Wonderful Salt Lake Bird Watching Festival doesnt disappoint. Traditional sighting trips can be taken on land. In case people choose to get further about per your request, we know of many libraries people might consider pursuing. The Infographic is a interesting database for more concerning where to flirt with it. The added bonus, nonetheless, is the reality birders can rent kayaks to float about the lake looking for new life birds.

Common Sightings

While each and every year will present variations, a birder can expect to see a selection of bird species at Excellent Salt Lake Bird Watching Festival. A range of Heron, Pelican, Grebe and Cormorant species are plentiful. White-faced Ibis and Snowy Egrets are also typically noticed as are a selection of geese and ducks. A assortment of falcons and hawks are surprisingly plentiful, but there is 1 prize confident to make it on you life list.

The uncommon American Bald Eagle lives in the region. Due to low population numbers, there is no guarantee youll see 1, but at least 4 sightings occurred at the 2004 festival.

No matter whether you attend for the likelihood to see a bald eagle or the opportunity to meet other lovers, the Great Salt Lake Bird Watching Festival is a great time..