Brighton Purses -Information when Shopping for Brighton Bags

The Brighton handbag was included with the Brighton line of elegant extras in 1993. Each Brighton purse experiences 20 steps during its development. Upon completion of the procedure a leather patch, printed with Brighton's statement of quality and an individual serial number is included. I found out about air conditioning company by browsing webpages. When you can see they really do put their heart into every product they make. It is for this reason the company is famous for its center emblem. Elements for many of the hand-bags are manufactured internationally in countries such as France, Italy, Spain, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

Brighton bags are handcrafted in California. At no time is there a lot more than ten being made at a time. There is an attention to detail adopted usually by Brighton builders that is an exception in this industry. Like there is no draw explaining the 'marks' and 'scars' are your 'guarantee' of real leather-they carefully cut around the scars- to provide you, a perfect leather handbag. Each handbag is separately numbered, and is documented by its owner. Once registered, they are guaranteed. The leathers selected are the most readily useful from all around the world, and the hardware all originally developed by artisans and Brighton artists, silver completed, and protected from oxidation for everyday use.

The Brighton name has become to suggest one-of-a-kind jewelry and fine Italian leather articles that are adorned with lovely silver-plated artwork. Brighton's heart brand suits the business philosophy that the big difference in products can be a true attention to detail. Most of the items in the Brighton series have some unique depth, a note engraved on a band or a purse with a popular photograph, that gives them special meaning to the owner. This then leaves a lasting memory to cherish for life. It's also resulted in many women having their particular Brighton series.

Brighton purses can be purchased in very nearly 6,000 specialty stores nationwide and 5-0 all-Brighton stores from coast to coast. This staggering air conditioning installation website has collected telling warnings for where to see about this enterprise. Brighton purses aren't sold in malls or on the Internet. This is keeping with the owner/president plan to only conduct business with stores with world class customer care. This is reinforced with a 2-year warranty against any manufacturer problems.

A few of the more popular Brighton handbags are:

Millie Leader Bag

Millie - Style #H90613 Black, #H90619 Chocolate

This rich Brighton purse classic series features opulent etched plaques, polished buttons and spinning hearts. It includes a 1-2' hand laced shoulder strap, front zero manager, contoured pocket as front detail. An inside pocket program with striped filling finishes the handbag. Steps 11 x 8 x 5 and MSR is $240.00. Making this a popular among women.

Jodi Reversible Carrier

Jodi - Style # H6028R

This Brighton handbag got its thought from Historical American Citrus brands. The everyday styling is adorned with enameled floral bracelets and sparkles. This can be a exciting and colorful variety. The characteristics include 5.5' addresses, reversible, inside zippered pocket and a magnetic closing. Dimensions are 9.5'W x 7'H x 3.5'D having a suggested retail price of $145.00.

Darcy Ziptop Brighton Bag

Darcy - Style # H30724

This Brighton handbags includes a new fashion slant. It is tapered, basic and fashion forward. Features: 6' addresses, crucial holder, straight back pocket with zipper, front pocket with a magnetic breeze, zip top closing, custom Brighton search lining. 9.00'W x 6.00'H x 2.5'D and has a suggested retail price within the $190.00 dollar range.

Loretta - Cigarette Brighton Purse

Model # H90785 -

A comfortable unconstructed shape having a new manner color! Characteristics include 9' addresses, inside zippered pocket, important case, 3 split indoor pieces (two ziptop closures, one magnetic closure) two side pockets with tabs, right back pocket and custom Brighton search lining. 1'W x 6.5'H x 5'D sporting a MSR cost of $230.00.

Bella - Black-Chocolate Brighton Purse

Style #H30519 - Replica Brighton Bags

Updated, everyday basic bag outline presenting two external cell-phone pockets. Features: 1-2' addresses, two inset external cell phone pockets, complete zippered top, middle zippered pocket in liner, internal pocket system 14'W x 7'H x 4.5'D Suggested Retail Price: $240.00

Bijoux Quilted Ziptop Brighton Bag

Bijoux - Black Brighton Bag

Model # H30713

This is the Brighton handbags French connection. A fresh interpretation of the Euro style home vintage makes this a very popular option. Features: 12.5' straps, inside zippered pocket, crucial loop, ziptop closure, two aspect pockets with magnetic flap closure, straight back pocket, along with a custom Brighton striped lining, 'feet' o-n bottom of handbag. 10.5'W x 5.5'H x 3.5'D Suggested Retail Price: $220.00

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