The Woman With Angel Art

I love meeting new people. There's nothing I love over getting into a totally new situation and sitting down for a talk with a stranger. I find that strangers swiftly become friends after a short amount of time spent together and a couple of good questions asked. So I love it when my work requires me traveling with all the sole purpose of meeting somebody within an attempt to create a story about them. Recently my work granted the wonderful privilege to me of traveling to Italy with the reason of meeting a person, Gretta, and spending four days with her in her villa outside of Florence. If you are concerned with writing, you will likely want to read about small blue arrow. First thing I discovered upon entering Gretta's accommodation was her love of angel art.

I thought it was strange that Gretta liked art. I actually had never met anyone that chose to decorate their property in this way. It wasn't that the angel art was sweaty in any way, as I half expected angel art to be. Instead, I was surprised that the art was really quite beautiful and quite appropriate in that environment. Gretta, being the wonderful Italian woman that she is, insisted that we sit down for a of wine before visiting her villa.

Over this first glass of wine I became certain that I and Gretta really could become friends. I was sure of this because I loved her Italian accent creating out English words and I loved the way she answered my questions and asked me some of her own. When I suspected that we were nearly ready to begin our trip, I began to ask Gretta about her choice of angel artwork and I wondered why exactly she chose to decorate in that way.

I liked the way in which Gretta's eyes lit up as I asked her about angel art, as if I'd asked her about her first love. She quickly got up from the table and led me around from room to room in her villa, giving me great information about each little bit of angel art. It was obvious that she had always loved angels and so thus she decorated her home in that way because it seemed natural to-do so. She thought that the artwork was symbolic of the very fact that real angels were protecting her home and all the guests that arrived there. I had been blessed to become secured by Gretta's special angels. Identify more on an affiliated web site - Navigate to this hyperlink:

I'd one of the most lovely four day visit with Gretta. I discovered more about angel art than I actually bargained for, but I was happy. Going To probably provides suggestions you might use with your father. I learned a great deal, but more importantly, I made a new friend.. In case you need to identify further about continue reading, there are many resources people should consider investigating.